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Kitchen Essentials: Wine Drinking Is More Than Pouring Wine Into A Glass

There is more to the art of wine drinking than a corkscrew and two glasses. To take your wine drinking experience to the next level, having the right setup is vital for maximum enjoyment.

Traditionally wine drinking is a fine art with many factors that may affect your experience, with an aerator and decanter you can ensure your wine of choice has been elevated to its maximum potential for consumption. A built-in decanter helps separate sediments from your wine, pour and pour out a specific volume. The aerator helps provide rapid aeration and expose your wine to fresh air to enhance its flavor, and the vacuum technology helps keep your bottle fresh for up to ten days after opening. This USB rechargeable device lasts up to three months on a full charge and is a must-have for any wine lover or modern-day wine connoisseur.

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