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About Megafeis

Updated: May 5, 2022

Megafeis was founded in Wolfforth, Texas in December 2020 as a manufacturer and wholesale vendor of wine accessories and fingerprint padlocks. We have our own manufacture producing various products. We also work directly with a number of reputable vendors to produce, pack, and ship your orders carefully and reliably. Our warehouses are located in New Jersey and Texas.

In March 2021, Megafeis launched to provide personalized and unique gifts for companies to build long-lasting relationships with clients and employees.

Our committed customer service will take care of any questions you may have, so be sure to take some time and browse through our selection worry-free!

Our goal at Megafeis is to produce and provide high-quality products to our valued customers at affordable prices. With our fast and highly competitive services, you can rest assured that Megafeis will provide you with the best products every time. At Megafeis we also offer free consulting services depending on your needs.

We treat each associate with fairness and respect. Megafeis does not tolerate any forms of discrimination.

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xiaomei shu
xiaomei shu

Love the name and story of Megafeis.


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